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Updated 13 June 2018
For Eastbourne Bus Running Day
For Eastbourne Bus Running Day

69 was delivered to Eastbourne in May 1963.  It is the penultimate in the final batch of  5 Regents numbered 66-70.  It has an AEC 9.6 litre engine with an East  Lancs 60 seater body and was fitted with platform doors in 1971 for use on the town tour services and  private hire work.

Withdrawn in May 1980 due to a chassis defect, the vehicle was rescued by Dick Mower who worked for Eastbourne Corporation. He repaired the chassis and carried out extensive restoration work using the facilities in the old bus garage in Churchdale Road.  

69 was acquired by its present owner Steven Wood in November 2003.  Since then the interior and drivers cab has been extensively renovated and other mechanical work carried out.  This included replacement of the rear wheel hub and the rear leaf springs. An engine overhaul was carried out in October 2007 that included replacement of the piston rings, big ends and reconditioning of the cylinder head.  

69 is a regular visitor to Eastbourne.  It attended the 100th birthday celebrations of Eastbourne buses in July 2003.  It has operated in service on the Eastbourne Running days since 2006.


KHC369  (69)

In service at the Pier at Eastbourne during the 2006 Running Day in July

(photo courtesy of  Dick Gilbert)    

69 seen at Standon in service on the Hertford Running Day in June 2009 (Steven Wood)     

69 seen in company with RM1699, an AEC also of 1963 vintage on the way home from Showbus in September 2009 (Steven Wood)    

The interior of 69 following the re-trimming on the seats, in 2009 (Steven Wood)     

Laying over at Princes Park  at the Eastbourne Running Day on 1st August 2010 (Steven Wood)    

69 photographed at the Meads in August 2010 (Steven Wood)